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Elegant and minimalist. The developed solution improves the internal management of processes, tasks and people.
The solution is composed of 2 applications: one for mobile devices and another for SmartTV. The communication is wireless and there is an integration with Google Calendar for updating events. Technologies involved: Node, Graphql, Dart and Flutter.

yamamoto app desenvolvido por 2bchosen
yamamoto app desenvolvido por 2bchosen
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Container tracking tool. - Fast, accurate, and secure. 
In this project for Unity, we designed, architected, developed and published: 1 app with Flutter and Dart, and 1 optimized website developed with React. The solution has integrations with external APIs, like Google Maps, and is hosted on Amazon AWS.
The app is available on the App Store and PlayStore, and it's free. 

Unity App desenvolvido pela 2bchosen
yamamoto app desenvolvido por 2bchosen

Copas Empreendimentos was looking for a secure, fast, and modern site so that its customers could more easily see its products. We developed a site that met all the client's requirements, and that allowed Copas to expose the details of its products with greater precision, to the point of being able to deliver this interactivity from the end customer to the product. The result is a website that is fast on any device, and full of animations and visual effects that delight the user.

copas website desenvolvido por 2bchosen